Compliment ? Or Not ?

Yesterday afternoon I visited a friend at the hospital. 
She has a kidney condition and had a pretty rough operation.
While visiting her sister said "you look like Heidi with that outfit"- by "that outfit" she meant
Is that a compliment, or not ?
I actually did not get any sleep last night just trying to figure it out...
SO this morning, trying to stay away from a girly look, I decided to wear:
- Brown pants with zipper on the ankles by Style & Co. - (funny note: these are meant to be above the ankle which can only take you to imagine show really short I am)
- Turquoise tank top
- Beige cropped jacket with brown trimmings and military like buttons
- Brown patent peep toe pumps Christian Siriano for Payless
- Bronze padded bag Marc Jacobs wanna be
- Gold plated hoops
- TOUS mesh and gold ring
- Gold tone necklace (strap from the Marc Jacobs bag)

The chain worn as necklace above is the long strap for the bag below

The nail polish is Apple Mint by Essie

And.. my dog's have not multiplied... 
it's just that I am watching a friend's girl for Easter and 
they posed for me this morning :)


Sheila said...

Hee, dog attack! That first picture made me laugh.

I love this jacket and aren't you clever wearing that chain as a necklace.

You did NOT look like Heidi!

Dr. Da said...

I am not seeing Heidi in yesterday's outfit.....what a strange comment. Today's outfit is super cute!

Jane W. said...

Creative use of the purse strap,and that jacket is so chic!

ana said...

I love your necklace!!!

Egoitz Azcona said...

Me gusta el collar!

Kristen said...

That jacket is bada**, and wearing the heavy chain as a necklace works perfectly with it. Well done!