Thank You So Much ... !

Thank You, Gracias, Merci !
For all of your kind birthday wishes.... I cannot tell you how happy I was while reading your kind comments.
While at work yesterday afternoon I was surprised by the biggest and heaviest flowers sent from my H.

Here a some of my gifts...which I loved !

I really didn't want to do anything at home. I was not feeling it and also being a weekday I did not want to stay up that late, also my Christmas tree was finally taken down and ornaments are sitting around along with lights that I have to put away.
So, the H and I went out to dinner, walked to a place that opened one street away from where we live.
I wore:
- Fucsia and black dress Kenzie
- Black feathered headband
- Yellow Rose earrings
- Yellow flower ring
- Yellow padded clutch
- Black suede flower sandals UNISA


Penny said...

You look sooooo pretty!!! What a way to celebrate your birthday:) Those flowers are hugely amazing too! Yeah, I'm so happy for you!!

Lorena said...

Thank you Penny !! :)