Ok, don't laugh now...

I know this might sound like a teenager's nightmare, but it happened to me last night.
My H was out in a meeting so I was home alone. It was about 9:00 pm - I decided to remove the Christmas decorations outside my front door. Long story short, 
wind came, and the door shut, leaving me in pijamas in the hallway.
Just me and one my dogs.
Ok, I am half naked and it's chilly - I have no phone.
What do I do ?
Knocked on my neighbor's door (it's just 2 apartments per floor) and she was not home.
I sat on that cold floor for hours... until at about 11:00 pm my friend who lives on the 8th floor and keeps a spare key - came back from the movies - and to my rescue and opened my door.
I hope this never happens to you !

Leaving that aside, today I wore:
- Black pants
- Black tank top
- Blue polka dot sheer blouse
- Black patent pumps by PM
- Burgundy padded purse
- Bunch of necklaces: 1 Long strand of medium sized pearls, 1 short strand of small pearls, 1 vintage rhinestone necklace, 1 big rhinestone necklace 

This bunch of necklaces came as an inspiration from the Carolina Herrera catalogue... remember I said I N S P I R A T I O N!
Oh ! and here's the hair...


Sheila said...

Oh no! I've actually had that happen to me - I went to our condo's exterior stairway to pick up our paper and the door shut behind me. No keys, in my robe! I waited only about 20 minutes, until I heard someone coming in the main door, and ran down and got in the elevator - very embarassed!

On a happier note, I LOVE the necklaces! That looks amazing!

I want to see your new Fluevogs!!

Penny said...

You poor thing! For some reason, that particular sequence of events always seems to pop in my mind whenever I step outside my door for a moment and decide to leave my door unlocked - since I'm going to step right in. It's like a fear I have. I think I know why I have it too...when I was a little girl, my mom would always tell me 'que el diablo empuja'...meaning, the devil to be mischievous will push me out a window or he'll shut and lock the door on me if I'm not too careful...ha!

Anyway, sorry that you were locked out. I know you must have felt very uncomfortable and vulnerable too:(

BTW, I do love, love, love this outfit and those baubles are just beautiful!!!

B a la Moda said...

Oh, what a story! It has happened to me before but in sunny Califoornia and it wasn´t that bad. Love your blouse and the arrangement of the necklaces.

B* a la Moda

Sher said...

Oh dear, what a teribble thing to have happened to you! Thankfully it has never happened to me before, but I've had my share of other embarassing stories lol:P

I really love your silky blouse and gorgeous pearls! Pearls are a woman's best accessory!! And your hair bun is so elegant, and Audrey Hepburn-ish, love it:)


Sabrina said...

I love this outfit!!! especially the mix of all the necklaces. They rock!