Morning in Bogotá, Colombia

Good Morning ! I arrived my destination, Colombia last night.
Today before running to a day full of meetings and visits to points of sale, I could not decide if I should wear my cardigan open or closed.
Once I downloaded the pictures, the decision was taken, buttons closed.

- Black Skirt Target
- Black tank top
- Black and white cardigan from Forever 21
- Black tights 
- Black patent pumps PM Brand
I purchased this cardigan during my November shopping spree in Miami. They only carried size xs in F21 and I loved it so much I decided to take it anyways. I would wear it open or wear it tight.
I am wearing it tight and have been pulling on it with hopes of stretching it out.
I usually do not do this, but I fell in love with the embroidered ladies carrying umbrellas and the pearl detail on the neckline.


Brittany D'Lynne said...

It was worth it, and it looks great on you. Its a beautiful cardigan!

Penny said...

Good to hear you had a safe trip! I absolutely love that cardi and how it looks on you. I especially love the ribbon on the top as very pretty.

Bug said...

Very lovely cardigan! I think you made a great choice, closed. I get that way to, can't make up my mind how to wear something. Cute blog hun. Thanks for stopping by my blog - following you now :)

Clau! said...

That cardigan is so cute, that is what i do sometimes with my outfits, i take pictures and then I download them in the computer and look at them and then decide which way it looks better, is amazing how averithing looks better looking at it like in 3rd person, don´t you think?

You look great!


Fell 4 Fashion said...

LOVE that cardi! good choice on closed :)

Kari said...

The cardigan is adorable! I love the crisp black and white. With the construction and the pattern, I think it looks best closed, too.

Sheila said...

That is an adorable cardigan! It would look so cute with a coloured pencil skirt too!