Grandma's 80th Birthday Surprise Party

Grandma's Surprise party was a total success.
She was sooo happy ... here´s a glimpse of what we put together for her:
Salon Entrance

80 roses (the were a gift from one of her friends)

The stage for the performers

Flowers in the serving area


And well, I forgot to take a picture when I was dressed...
- Nine West Grey dress
- Nine West burgundy peep toe heels
- Black Payless glittery clutch
- Grey Ceramic cocktail ring
- Silver toned Butterfly earrings

The tag on this dress has got to be the oddest tag I have EVER SEEN.
The cleaning instructions read that I can´t dry clean it, can´t wash it, can´t iron or steam... what am I supposed to do with it after wearing it, burn it ??


Penny said...

I'm glad that it was such a great success. That looks like some outfit you selected. I also had a dress with the similar statement. I also had the same type musing about

Lorena said...

Thanks! the best part was that she enjoyed it.
I'm still wondering WTH to do with the dress !!