Today it´s not just raining, its actually pouring, has been since last night.
When I put this outfit together last night I did not think it would be raining in the morning, thus the peep toe.
Try not to wear peep toe shoes when it´s raining, the yucky water between your toes does not feel good, specially starting off the day.
The "assemble" :
Brown Corduroy - now that I see it here - miniskirt.
Had I known in was this short I would not have worn it to work.
Forever 21 Flower Belt
White round neck t shirt 
Green H&M cardigan
Liz Claiborne Bright yellow tote bag
Brown peep toe flats from Kenneth Cole Reaction

Since I am wearing the cardigan open to show the colorful belt I tie little bows on each side of the cardigan in order to prevent from it just hanging there and looking messy.


Sheila said...

This is a totally cute outfit on you! Wow, you have great legs - you should wear skirts more (and I don't think that's too short). I really like how you did the little bows on the cardi - great idea!

Lorena said...

Thank you for your compliments ! I am a little concerned about showing too much in the workplace..
I´m taking in your suggestions and if I did not say it before, I truly enjoy your blog and admire your strength and perseverance in losing so much weight :)

Sheila said...

I understand about the length for work - I have to watch that too.

Thank you so much - it is an ongoing struggle to keep the weight off sometimes. The people in my "real life" forget how hard it can be. :)