Yes Kitty

Black trousers Zara - Pink and black sequin Hello Kitty blouse Forever 21 
Gingham pink flats Christian Siriano - Pink bead necklace Avon vintage

I have loved Hello Kitty since I can remember. I am still attracted to all the notebooks, tee shirt and gadget with this mysterious cat printed on it, however the last few years I have stopped buying them as I feel they will make me look childish or unprofessional. I haven't bought more, but I still wear those I have, for that child that lives in me. 


Sheila said...

There are no guilty pleasures, only pleasures! I hope you will continue to show your love for Kitty, Lorena! I remember when you were first blogging, you used to wear more Hello Kitty.

Anonymous said...

So cool. I have the same situation going on - I love HK, have since her inception in 1976 when I was 10, won't buy anymore for the same reasons but wear what I have. Which was a HK T-shirt just yesterday :) Lise