Black and white print trousers Wild Girl - White tee shirt Calvin Klein 
Black quilted blazer Forever 21 - Black flats Old Navy- Orange leather hand bag Lanvin

 I have been on the #nodye team since March 2020, it's been a long transition and I still have a lot of inches to go. I look at my pictures and don't recognize myself. Sometimes I feel like dying it again but then I feel all this time will have been in vain. Anyone out there in transition?

A big hug to Sheila and Mica. I love reading your comments, they keep me coming back to post.


Mica said...

I think your hair looks great although I have no advice for you as it will hopefully be a while before my hair starts going grey. Although with these kids driving me crazy who knows I feel much older than I am, haha! :)

I really like the fun printed pants and the bright bag :)

Thanks so much for your sweet shout out! I enjoy your posts and style and I feel if we every got to meet up we would have a great time as we both love shopping and fashion! :)

Hope you are having a good weekend :)

Away From The Blue

Anonymous said...

I want to be on team "no dye", but was scared about the transition phase. Your transition phase seems to have gone well by the pictures. I'm sure it has been hard to adjust to, though..... Don't dye your hair again, you are so close!

Sheila said...

I actually dyed my hair a lighter purple as I transitioned from darker purple/magenta and grew out my grey. I used a toning colour (not a dye) as it faded out and let the roots look more natural.

Have you been tempted to just cut it so that you only have the regrowth to deal with?

Big hugs to you - I love seeing your posts! - I think of you often. :)

Anonymous said...

I noticed your pretty hair. I have been growing out my silver since November 2020. It is a really long process but I like the colour I see so I am hanging in there. I did cut my hair into a just above the shoulder bob and a fringe/bangs and I love it. It has made a huge difference. I am reluctant to put any temporary dye or toner on my hair at this stage as I have read quite a few blogs where women did this and wiped out their entire regrowth. Lise