Inside the closet

Jeans Stradivarius - Black leather satchel hand bag Rebecca Minkoff

Pink horse bit loafers - White shirt H&M - Round vintage extra large earrings

 By the time I got home, this seemed the only place with good lighting: the inside of the closet. 


Mica said...

I love the statement earrings with the white shirt and jeans and it's nice getting a peek in your wardrobe too! :) I decided to only have the wardrobe wall along one side of my wardrobe room but every now and then I think about adding some shelving on the other side like you have here! :)

Hope your week is going well :)

Away From The Blue

Sheila said...

I love your classic outfit here, Lorena. But WOW, what a closet! I'm having storage envy!!