Vintage Zara

Black and white printed skirt Zara - Black sweater (no brand)

Black leather satchel hand bag Rebecca Minkoff - Black scallop pump Crown vintage


It sounds odd "vintage Zara". 

Well this skirt is from Zara, over 20 years, made in Spain, with a slip and very well made. 

It was a hand me down from a friend and it's still getting wears. 

Is there any vintage Zara in your closet?


Sheila said...

No vintage Zara, but I think I have vintage H&M! I know I have vintage Le Chateau, which is the Canadian version, and I've had vintage Club Monaco too.

Love this classy outfit! The skirt is beautiful, but does it have pockets, Lorena??

Mica said...

I really like this outfit! I had a similar skirt quite some time ago that I always regret donating! I wore it a lot for my first office job in uni and it didn't seem right in my newer office so I let it go, sadly!

We only got Zara here recently, so no vintage Zara here! I don't think I have any Zara in my wardrobe actually.

Hope you're having a wonderful day :)

Away From The Blue

Anonymous said...

Vintage Zara does sound a bit strange but this skirt looks fabulous. Lise

backinstyle said...

Love this outfit, Lorena. The black and white print skirt is a beautiful classic that will always be in style. I love the vintage pieces your find! That fashion girls print shift from a few posts back is fabulous! Before the pandemic I also had a side job selling on Etsy and eBay, I know it is a LOT of work, but rewarding.