Green lace

Black trousers Mario Serrani - Green lace shirt Burberry, similar

Black leather satchel Rebecca Minkoff - Zebra print heels Bershka

I am trying to wear the unworn, which is where this green lace shirt falls in.

I bought it over a year ago in one of my fave consignment shops which is now long gone. 
I am in awe discovering unworn items in the closet. 

There's so many things in there that just the other day the bar in the closet collapsed.

I know I need an edit, you know I edit monthly, but I may just be buying more than I edit.



Sheila said...

That top is gorgeous! Maybe you just need a stronger bar. ;-P

Anonymous said...

Funny you said that today, my husband just told me my top shelf is going to collapse soon. I am bad at editing. Looking very good in the green. Lise

Mica said...

I'd had the bar in my wardrobe collapse twice - the second time was around when I implemented my "wear twice in a month after buying it" rule, because there was no point having it full of clothes I'd never worn, haha!

Hope you're having a good weekend :)

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