About the hunt

Diane Von Furstenberg dress - Burgundy flats French Soles 

Green Lilly ghost bag Dolce & Gabbana 

About three or more years ago I was browsing Instagram stories of a long gone second hand shop and came across this D&G Lilly bag.

I wanted the bag but could not transfer the payment at that moment so I called a friend and asked her to please buy it for me. She did.

After doing all of this to purchase the bag, I picked it up at my friend's house and then took it home. It sat in the closet for all of these years unworn. 

So I chose to finally wear it and then sell it with a profit. Sometimes it's just about the hunt.



Sheila said...

Ha ha, you spent all that time and effort to get it and then never used it? I have totally done that - things I think I want and then don't. I'm glad you sold it, but the colour is really nice.

Mica said...

it's a shame you haven't been able to enjoy it, it's such a pretty green bag and I really like it with the white dress! :)

Hope your week is going well :)

Away From The Blue

Witchcrafted Life said...

Goodness, isn't that true! Though rarely these days, I had at least a few hunts like that in when I was vintage fashion blogging. Nothing wrong with relishing the hunt - especially if, in the end, we're able to more rapidly unite someone else with an item that they're eagerly searching for.

Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life