February's closet edits

This month I did a lot of edits and was quite happy about it, specially because some of them sold.


My edits began with this pink cable knit sweater by Charter Club purchased in September 2017 for 13.90 USD, worn 6 times and sold a few weeks ago for 7.00 USD.

Then the Diane Von Furstenberg dress purchased in November 2018, worn twice and sold with a good profit.

Also edited, grey pleated Zora skirt purchased in April 2011 for 13.99 USD, worn at least 8 times and just  sold for 12.00 USD.

The Banana Republic bootcut jeans were purchased in November 2017, worn about 9 times and sold with a nice profit. 


The white sleeveless button down Intensity, purchased in May 2014 for 6.00 USD, worn at least 8 times.

Finally two beaded necklaces, one was tossed in the trash and the other was sold.

7 items edited in February.


Sheila said...

Fantastic! I will be editing a few things when I do my closet swap-over this week, but not a ton. I have been buying less, and being pickier. It costs more, though!

Witchcrafted Life said...

Way to edit! The bootcut jeans in particular caught my eye. Skinny and most straight legged styles of jeans (and pants in general) look scarily unflattering on me (I have abnormally thick legs in proportion to the size of the rest of my body) and I've been waiting patiently for well over a decade now for bootcut and wider legged styles to make a comeback again. Hopefully one day!

Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life