The yellow jeans

Kayden K yellow jeans - Green velvet loafers Zara 

Houndstooth print button down vintage shirt Abbie Mags 

 I'd wanted yellow jeans and yellow blazer for a while. The yellow blazer I never got and the jeans were part of my cousin's Marie Kondo closet edit in 2017. 

Wore them at least 15 times in 3 years, they they lost some of the stretch and I did not find they fit as well, so today is their last wear.

What was the last item you edited?


Mica said...

It's a shame those yellow jeans are leaving your wardrobe but I agree if you aren't liking the fir they should go. Yellow jeans are still on my wishlist to buy, one day I'll find them! Having no luck in the opshops so I might have to wait until the trend comes around again, haha!

Hope you had a good weekend :) Ours was nice, celebrating Lunar New Year with the family.

Away From Blue

Sheila said...

They are really cool, but if they're not fitting right (they do look a bit bagged out), then time for them to go. You'll always have the pictures!

I was just looking at my own yellow cords, which might be transitioning to my house clothes soon.

I just edited a crazy pair of Eject boots - I wore them once, and then struggled to want to wear them again. Can't do it - they've got to go.

Witchcrafted Life said...

Such a sunny, charming pair of pants. If you're on the hunt for new yellow jeans, I hope that a pair that fits you to a tee comes your way soon, my stylish friend.

Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life