Skipping school

Jeans H&M - T-shirt Te Odio Luisito Rey custom made

Burgundy flats French Soles

Red leather satchel hand bag 

 I remember skipping school a few times in high school. We'd take a friend's company car and chauffeur and have him take us places, it sounds fancy but it was a pasta delivery bus that fit about 8 of us.

Today skipped work, just read and replied to a few emails early on and then just took off to the salon to get my hair cut, it feels like a luxury these days.


Sheila said...

I call that a Mental Health Day, just like a sick day. Good for you, honey. Your hair looks FABULOUS - I love the white streak!

Witchcrafted Life said...

As much as I loved (the academic side of) school, I had my rebellious moments as a teen and skipped on a handful of occasions, too. Gosh, do those days feel like they were centuries ago now - and yet, I can also remember them (and how I felt/what I was thinking of a lot of them back then) as though they just happened last week.

Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life