January 2021 Closet Edits

The month of January allowed me to edit a lot of items. 
I was quite happy with the results for the first month of the year. 
It all started with a pair of black shorts Geoffrey Beene, they were quite faded, 
they'd been around for over 10 years and were not getting much wear anyways.

Followed by a pair of block heel mustard peep toe shoes from Zara purchased in August 2017 for 16.00 USD, they began to tear after at least 13 wears.
The cream silk top from Kenneth Cole was also sent to the giveaway pile after 5 wears,
 I took this shirt to cents per wear. 


A pair of Kayden K jeans and Old Navy khaki trousers, both were hand me downs.
The khaki trousers I got in August 2019, gave them a few good wears before letting go.

The Hello Kitty hoodie robe that I barely wore, it basically just hung in the bathroom.
The black turtle neck sweater from Pierri New York was another hand me down, it piled and faded.

The  pair of Salt Works jeans were purchased during a trip to New York in 2011 
for 13.99 USD, worn at least 70 times taking it to 0.19 cents per wear.
A pair of trousers by Insight worn at least 17 times, purchased in 2011, 13.50 USD, 
so I took it to less than one dollar per wear!

A pearl and safety pin necklace I DIY'd, almost never wore it and I sold it.  
An embroidered tote bag I picked up at a clothes swap, I never wore it so I 
decided to part with it and sold it. 


This black leather ring was purchased in Argentina years ago and I did not wear it much, so I sold it. 
This wool three button blazer made in France by Mathilde was worn twice in four years, 
so I sold it and made a small profit.

This Spanish manta I received as a gift, however I think I wore it once, so I sold it. 

Yes, I sold a lot of these pieces.
January ended with a happy edit of fourteen items.



Sheila said...

Well done on your edits - you are very good at weeding out your worn/faded clothes, as well as your "not feeling it" items.

Witchcrafted Life said...

Seriously impressive edits! That manta is stunning and I hope that its new owner will also appreciate it for the wearable treasure it is.

Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life