Messy up do

Jeans Salt works - Cream silk top Kenneth Cole 

Red leather hand bag satchel - Nude patent peep toe block heel shoes Mundial Calzados

Layered necklaces 

These days I wear my hair in a pony tail, long gone are the days when I would sit in the salon and have it straightened while getting my nails done. 

I try to keep my pony tail without flyaways but like you see here today it's not always the case.  

How are you styling your hair these days?


Sheila said...

Is your hair naturally curly? I assumed you had straight/wavy hair!

I like to do pin curls to get a bit of a wave in my hair. I haven't really changed the styling of it that much.

Mica said...

I can't remember the last time I straightened my hair - I have tried curling it a few times this year as it's been a little wavy with the heat and humidity this summer but it's mostly best left to its own devices, haha! I always have flyaways when I have my hair in a ponytail!

Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :) We went to the rainforest again yesterday, the kids had the best time!

Away From Blue

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit, has a Parisian chic vibe to it. My hair looks something like yours right now :) It goes under a winter hat every day so am not too bothered about straightening or styling it - unnecessary damage right now with no-one to see it accept my hubs. Growing in my natural roots for two months now, Ha - that is a look not to be shared just yet :) Lise