December closet editions

These are my December edits.
Some items were passed on as gifts, others were sold and 
another bunch was donated.

First off were these earrings which I got at a blogger event, I liked them, 
wore them but I never felt like me in them and I gave them to 
a co worker that wears them beautifully.


My beloved pair of Me Too leopard flats did not do well all of this time in the closet and they began
 to fall apart, these were purchased in September 2013, worn at least 21 times, cost per wear was about 2.00 USD. These two Panama hats were also affected by humidity.


A gold tone chain necklace that was a failed DIY was also edited from the closet.

Black Danskin tee shirt purchased in March 2014, was in really bad shape and I took it to cents per wear.
Then my black blazer with white pencil skirt, this set from Nine West was a good 
buy, I wore it a lot in previous years, but I realized I did not wear them that much anymore.
Well to tell you the truth my work wear has not been worn much due to the current situation.
But this sent in particular I felt I need to let go, I sold it for 10.00 USD and made a small profit on it.


The red blouse from Forever 21 is one of my very few red blouses, happens it has a small stain on it and the buttons on the back have begun to darken so it is now gone. The black shirt with the puffy sleeves is from April Lost... January 2012, I felt the sleeves were ok but the neck hole was too big, so I sold it.


Then comes this grey blouse with bow from a Target brand called Go International, it's 
been around for about 10 years.
I've had second thoughts about it for a while and do not wear it much, so off it goes, 
I will see if I can sell it. 

I got these jeans at a swap a few years ago and wore them a lot, but now they are a bit saggy and I really have better garments in my closet but keep going back to this one so I chose to let go.

13 items edited in December.

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