December Additions

Unlike other years during the month of December I edited more than I purchased,
which I think is very positive.


First in is this Salvatore Ferragamo turquoise belt, a gift from a friend and this 
gold tone rubber handbag, a gift from my husband's sister.

My purchase was this red leather satchel hand bag (not pictured) for 15.00 USD, 
which you may have seen in recent posts.

Total for December 15.00 USD,



Mica said...

The rubber bag sounds intriguing! it's a nice shade of gold but I've never seen a rubber bag before! Looking forward to seeing how you wear it :)

Hope that you are having a good weekend :) Another hot one here, we had to leave the park as it was just too warm!

Away From Blue

Anonymous said...

Love the turquoise belt -so unique! Lise

backinstyle said...

What wonderful gifts-love them both, and your previously seen red bag, too! Covid has put a grinding halt to my brick and mortar clothes shopping. I have ordered some things online over the past months, but it's difficult to get the proper fit without trying things on, and the result has been a lot of returns. Some keen eyed editing is in order, but it's hard to let go when the future is so uncertain. You do a great job in your edits! Take care and have a good week.