Closet Peek

Black and white paisley print bow blouse Stradivarius - Gold buckle vintage Escada belt 

Black velvet trousers The Limited - The Fix black shoes

As you may have read I am slowly moving from my apartment to a MCM home that we have been remodeling for over a year.

Here is a peek at the closet that I hope to be able to fit in to as its considerably larger than the one in our other home. 

Let's see how that goes. 


Mica said...

Love this stylish outfit on you and can't wait to see the wardrobe once you've moved everything in! My wardrobe room is my favourite room in our house and I adore it! :) I just shared a wardrobe with my husband before, and so had a lot of stuff stored in the kid's rooms or under our bed, being able to have it all in one place is so nice! :)

Hope that you are having a great week! :) We had a picnic and went walking in the rainforest today, it was lovely!

Away From Blue

Sheila said...

I love your outfit - that top is great on you.

LORENA! Look at this closet! I am agog with how cool it looks. I hope you have fun sorting all your clothes into it!