Run down

Blue Carolina Herrera polo shirt - White and blue gingham shorts

White vintage plastic earrings - Raffia Missoni hand bag - H brown crocodile flats

These months at home have made us use every space we have at home. 

The balcony, the studio, the living room, dining room, kitchen, everything has gotten a lot of use, or actually the use it should have had

So, everything seem a bit run down, like it needs to be painted or something needs to be repaired. 

I'll make a list.  

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Sheila said...

I have "make a list" on my list, lol. ;-P

I know, having spent so much more time at home, I'm way more conscious of how long it's been since we painted or did any kind of renovation. I'm itching to get back out on my deck! I miss it, but it's far too cold right now.