November edits

Yes, another end of the month edit!

Although there were just a few edits this month they were needed. 
Starting with this a line baby blue pleather skirt for ASTR purchased in November 2015. I remember having second thoughts when buying this skirt because of the material, but I truly loved the shape and colour so I went for it. However what I suspected would happen that day when I purchased it , actually did. The pleather began to peel. I only got two wears out of it. I knew it. 


Then its this pair of black Me Too flats, purchased on a trip to San Diego in April 2016.
 I thought the round toe was not that flattering, however I needed to replace
 my black flats, so I bought them. 
Wore them about 16.00 USD, about 1,40 USD per wear, not bad.

The bell bottom 975 Levi's re edition jeans. I bought these on a trip to Universal Studios at a mall somewhere nearby. I loved they were a re make of a vintage silhouette. 
Purchased them and wore them very little. Wore them in 2010, 20122013, in 2014
Wore them about 20 times. 
I actually edited them from my closet in 2014 because they were really tight. 
I tried again in 2016, they fit.
But, they never left the house, they were stored in another closet for a couple of years. 
Now and then I would try them on to see if maybe the fit
I took them out of the closet tried them on one more time and sold them.


So, long story short, 3 closet edits. 

How are your closed edits coming along?



Witchcrafted Life said...

Your culling skills are a perpetual inspiration.

Love those jeans. Most skinny styles of jeans and pants do not work for me, so I'm holding out hope that wider legs and flares will swing back into fashion again soon.

Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

Sheila said...

Oh, too bad about the skirt - it looked nice on you. I had an Astr white pleather skirt that picked up colour from a pair of shoes it was stored with = I ended up getting rid of it too.

I like the classic flared jean cut - glad you made some $ off it!