Suddenly July

Burgundy flats French Soles 

High waisted jeans Tesoro

Mexican embroidered top 

Suddenly it's July and I feel like I have lost half a year and the ways things are going I might lose an entire year.


Sheila said...

It certainly seems like it, doesn't it? At the rate we are going, I might not go back to work full-time for many more months.

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

Indeed! I feel the same!

Mica said...

Love the embroidered top, it's so pretty with the jeans :)

I find this year is flying by, all the days kind of merge into one as there are so few events or markers to differentiate between them! It does feel like a bit of a waste of a year, but I'm glad I'm getting so much time at home with the kids, and I don't mind working from home so much - when everything closed here it left some family members out of work so I know we are in a lucky position!

Hope that your week is going well :)

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