May Edits

I have edited a few pieces this month.

Like the tee shirt I have been wearing over and over these days.

It was purchased in March 2015 for 10.68 USD, 
I am sure I got cents on cost per wear.

Also let go of these earrings, they were a hand me down and I did wear them but these days not so.
I sold them

The two toned floppy hat is also out the door. 
I do wear hats in the summer but the fact that this one has color and I tend 
to go for basic straw ones or just the Panama hat.

The Polo Ralph Lauren overalls I chose not to keep and I sold it.

4 items in one month.


Lyosha Varezhkina said...

I am crazy about this t-shirt! I want similar now. You are weird, I like you makes complete sense to me

Sheila said...

I've edited much fewer items since the pandemic started - I've pulled more out of my giveaway, even though I've been out shopping. I like that tee.