2 hours of freedom

Brown velvet velour jogging track suit 

I may or may not have mentioned what my 50+ day quarantine has been like. 

Basically its home all week long. Women can only go out 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 2 hours. There is police presence in the streets and if you go out, the odds are you will be requested your id at least 3 times in 2 hours. Those hours can be used just for going to the supermarket and drugstore. Masks are mandatory by law. 

In those two hours I usually pick up something that is needed or drop things off at my grandmother's house. I also go by my uncle's house, as his washing machine stopped working in the midst of this pandemia. I also pick up medicines and run frequent trips with Vanilla to the vet. 

When possible I take my pup Canela aka Cinnamon with me on these rides, in those two hours of freedom.


Sheila said...

Oh my god, Lorena, that is horrific! My heart goes out to you and your country - I hope things get better soon! Big hugs to you and Vanilla (I hope she is okay).

Mica said...

It's a shame you can't go out when you want but good that you get 2 hours to do everything - hope vanilla is okay!

I smiled at your outfit as I'm wearing my old juicy couture velour pants today! I don't know where the jacket is, but I have my grey pants on. They are my loungewear, I was wearing leggings under my dress earlier but I swapped to these under my dress when I got home as it was cold.

Hope you are having a good week :) With the cold here winter has arrived a week early!

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