Lost 10

Black trousers Zara - Burgundy peplum top Zara, similar - Black vintage Céline belt, similar
Butterfly print heels Nine West - Black woven vintage hand bag the SAK

I had not been able to wear this belt in a while because I literally could not breathe the last time I tried it on. 
At the beginning of January I started a diet and voilá at ten pounds less I can wear my vintage Céline belt. 
The truth behind it all is that I needed to lose the weight so I could wear the things I have, specially the vintage ones which are not easily replaced. While I still have pounds to go, I have to admit it's a small victory.

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Gemma said...

That is a beautiful belt! You are looking great Lorena. I have a lot of stuff that no longer fits and would love to be able to wear them again.

Gemma x

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

Lovely look, very elegant!

Alejandra said...

Nice post!

Sheila said...

Wow, 10 lbs down is amazing! Great work, Lorena! Yes, staying in my vintage designer clothes is my goal too!