Jazz Festival

Black vintage pant sequin and sparkly top sent Ronni Nicole by Ouida

Off white vintage shell crossbody bag 

Black high heel sandals Vince Camuto 

The first time I ever heard of a Jazz Festival was in Montreal when  I was fifteen or sixteen. My grandparents and I had taken a bus from NYC all the way to Montreal to visit friends. Since the friends we were visiting weren't interested in jazz we did not go. I always wondered what that festival must have been like.
Fast forward 30 years and a friend invited me to the Jazz Festival Gala, even though it was not Montreal I cannot complain, it was quite a fun evening. 


Sheila said...

I've heard that the Montreal Jazz Festival is awesome. We have a couple of them here in Victoria.

You look awesome!

Laura B said...

I've never been to a jazz festival but I bet it is so fun! I think this outfit is perfect!

Mica said...

I've never been to a jazz festival before but it's great you had fun and your sparkly top is a lovely piece to wear! :)