Speaking of neighbours

Jeans Banana Republic, identical here - Yellow v neck sweater Tommy Hilfiger, similar here
Grey bag Ferragamo - Grey and yellow pumps Kelsi Dagger, very cool heels in the same color combination here

Do you live in a house or apartment? Who is your neighbour?  Do you know who lives next, below or above you? Currently I am so thankful for my next door neighbour who is the nicest, most decent and educated elderly lady you can imagine. Above is a family of Cro-magnons and below some odd people that have a toddler that cries all.day.long. So, in general its ok I guess, specially if I compare it to my previous building. There we had the penthouse so there was nobody above. Below us was a Chinese guy and next door an Doctor of Italian descent who once asked if he could sleep over because he was having a security door installed and he needed to let the cement dry... Who is your neighbour?
¿Vives en casa o apartamento? ¿Quién en tu vecino? ¿Sabes quien vive al lado, arriba o debajo de ti? Yo estoy muy agradecida de mi vecina de al lado quien es una señora mayor, decente y super educada. La familia de arriba puede describirse como Cromañón y los de abajo son personas un poco extrañas que tienen un niño que llora todo.el.día. En general está ok, digo considerando el edificio anterior. Allá estábamos en el último piso así que no había nadie arriba de nosotros. Debajo había un chino y al lado un doctor de ascendencia italiana que una vez nos preguntó si se podía quedar a dormir en nuestro apartamento porque le estaban instalando una puerta de seguridad y necesitaba que el cemento secara... ¿Quién es tu vecino?

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Jodie's Touch of Style said...

It's so nice when you have great neighbors. Our neighbors across the street have become some of our best friends!!

Shea Lennon said...

Those shoes are so fun! I wish I knew my neighbors--I'm sad to say that I really don't know mine well.

Carolina G. Ticala said...

Me encantan tus zapatos! Los zapatos amarillos me tienen loca! Estas preciosa! 💛💛💛

Laura B said...

We live in a house and our neighbors just sold their home so we will be getting new neighbors soon! Love your sunny yellow sweater!

Mica said...

First, I love all the yellow in this outfit! :) Second, I have never had anyone as scary as your doctor live next door to me! I'm lucky our neighbours are pretty nice - they have helped us out a few times, things like telling us when our car was about to be swept away in the floods, throwing back the ball when it went in their yard. We've helped them out a few times by taking parcels for them and helping them when they got locked out too. I'd love to get to know them better, but they change often. We are just waiting for a more permanent place (lots of renters in this area so they don't always hang around long).

Away From The Blue Blog

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Gorgeous color combination Lorena. Beautiful outfit. You are so lucky! I have the worse neighbors. They barely talk. Won't help. Nothing. You're on your own. HaHaHa