Reading photographs

Jeans Zara - Pink button down shirt Chelsey & Jack, similar - Grey perforated flats Dr. Scholl's, similar
Grey bag Ferragamo - Round sunglasses Forever 21, almost identical under 6.00 USD  - Brown headband, similar

The other day I was looking into how to read photographs and how pictures were meant to show who you are. The idea of interpreting an image seemed appealing and of course: content and intent.
Well, here content is basic: me standing in tropical park setting. Intent is to show you what I wore to do some errands. Are you good at reading photos? What other reading can you get from today's pictures?

El otro día leí sobre cómo interpretar imágenes y la intención de mostrar a través de la fotografía quiénes somos. La idea de interpretar imágenes me llama la atención y sobre todo su: contenido e intención. 
Aquí el contenido es básico: yo en un parque tropical con la intención de mostrar lo que llevé puesto para hacer algunas diligencias. ¿Eres bueno interpretando imágenes? ¿Qué mas puedes interpretar de las fotos de hoy?

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Sheila said...

Let's see. You're standing in shadow - could be practical (out of the sun) or maybe you're feeling down a bit? You have your sunglasses on - again, could be practical, or you could not want to look out at the audience, stay inside, stay you. While your hands are loose at your sides, you don't look relaxed, you look stressed.

And maybe I'm projecting on you! :) Maybe you're just in a hurry (take the pictures!).

Dressed With Soul said...

Yes, I also read in pictures :) But I'm not sure if I even sometimes right! Like the classy look on you!
With love from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Laura B said...

Interesting! I've never heard of reading pictures! I'll have to look into that!

Mica said...

I did a course on media studies in school and it was things like reading into the reasons for music, colour choices, costume choices etc in films. I used to do it when I found a movie boring, see if I could dive into why a particular thing was being worn or why plot choices are made. I tend not to do it with blog photos though, I admire the outfits! Like this outfit shows you have such classic pulled-together style, even if you're just running errands :)

Hope that you are having a nice start to your week so far! It's been a bit crazy here! :)

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Beauty Unearthly said...

You look Amazing dear! xx

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I like to look at photographs and look at the background. The face of the subject. There are things you can pick up.

Lydia said...

The intention of a photograph is something I don't often think about, even though it's always there, to take out a camera is to have an intention.

Content wise, i always do love a button down shirt with a pair of blue jeans.