Ideal CPW

Black side ruffle dress Red Valentino, similar on sale here
Red - burgundy tassel earrings Zaful, similar under 5.00 USD here
 Blue and brown heart handbag vintage Moschino, here another vintage Moschino bag - Red suede shoes Melissa 

The other day I was thinking once again about cost per wear. 
Well in my case, today I am pretty happy about this black side ruffle Red Valentino dress' CPW, at just 3.85 USD. Not so much with the vintage Moschino bag at about 20.00 USD per wear. 

What would YOUR ideal cost per wear would be? Mine would be about 5 bucks per wear. Do you even consider it? Not even for really expensive items? 
El otro día estaba pensando en el costo por uso.
En mi caso, hoy estoy súper feliz con el costo por uso de este vestido negro in mangas de Red Valentino pues es sólo 3.85 USD de costo por uso. No estoy tan feliz con el CPU de la cartera vintage Moschino, su CPU actual es de mas o menos 20.00 USD.

¿Cuál sería tu CPU ideal? El mío sería 5.00 USD o menos por uso. Eres de considerar el costo por uso de lo que compras ?


Laura B said...

If I can get cost per wear under $5 I am happy! That dress is just amazing, it's no wonder you were able to get the CPW down so low. I would wear it all the time!

Natalie S said...

Thanks to you now I think about it constantly! Mine is also 5$. If it can be less than that it will be even better!

Sheila said...

I think the ideal cost-per-wear depends on what you feel the actual value of a piece is. Some of my Fluevogs have very poor cost-per-wear, but that's not why I bought them - they were bought for love. With some items, I'm really big on getting my value out of them, but other things, their value is more in how much I love them because then it doesn't matter if I paid $1.00 or $100...because I love wearing the piece! Example, my Desigual dress with the eye on the back - I paid well over $300 for it, have probably worn it less tan 20 times, but I love it so much, and I know that I'll have it a long time - it doesn't really matter what it cost at this point. Figuring out cpw is more of an entertainment for me (especially with second-hand items) or a wake-up call for not spending too much on a name or brand.

Mica said...

First, I love the red accessories with the dress, such a nice touch! :)

I've only really started calculating cost per wear with my 30 wears series. I have a general budget I won't go over with pieces, but it's not really set with cost per wear in mind. The cost of an item first up is something I consider more than cost per wear. Probably because I love super expensive bags that will take decades to get down to a good cost-per wear, haha!

Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend! We're going to have a quiet one here after a similarly quiet week, as we've been a bit under the weather.

Away From The Blue Blog

backinstyle said...

Good for you, Lorena, you are so efficient! I don't specifically think about CPW when I purchase something, but I try to think of several ways and places I could wear an item before I buy it, as insurance against acquiring a closet orphan. Usually, when I end up gravitating to pieces repeatedly, I am very happy about money well spent!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I really need to consider it! It's the smart thing to do. I'm making much smarter choices now. Love that dress Lorena and your tassel earrings.