Green Door

Degrade maxi dress Lauren Conrad identical in Poshmark, similar,  Grey bag Ferragamo 
Sandals Adolfo Dominguez - Orange trim flower print vintage scarf Saks Fifth Avenue, identical
Ombre tassel earrings, identical in yellow and blue 

I was out for a marvellous brunch with the hubs the day I wore this ombre degrade look. 
However what I wanted to talk to you about today was about this marvellous green door behind me. It belongs to a two story home with a marble floor entrance located in what is known was the old city or Casco Viejo in Panama. Built in the early 1900s, the owner was questioned as to why he wanted to build such a huge house in a place that was beginning to decay. All the wealthy and affluent families in the area were moving to a newer part of the city to spacious states. He is said to have answered "It's my money and I do as I please". Good answer.
Salí a un brunch maravilloso con mi esposo el día que llevé este vestido en rosa degradado.
Pero hoy quiero hablar sobre esta maravillosa puerta verde detrás de mi. Pertenece a una casa de dos pisos con entrada de pisos de mármol y que está ubicada en la parte vieja de la ciudad de Panamá, conocida como Casco Viejo. Construida a inicios de 1900, el dueño fue cuestionado por querer hacer su casa allí ya que el area había empezado a decaer. Todas las familias adineradas se estaban mudando a un area nueva de la ciudad en donde habían amplios espacios. Se dice que el contestó "Es mi dinero I hago lo que yo quiero". Buena respuesta.


E said...

Your pink dress looks beautiful against the green door!

District of Chic

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I love a beautiful statement door! Your outfit is gorgeous Lorena. You look beautiful.

backinstyle said...

Panama has some beautiful, stately old buildings. Love this ombre maxi dress and especially the matching tassel earrings. You look fabulous!

Sheila said...

I love that you wore this wonderful outfit out to brunch with your husband! I was half-expecting that you'd worn it to a wedding! It's a lovely look.

Mica said...

Oh this is a stunning outfit! And it makes me want statement tassel earrings like this to pair with my ombre maxi dress, this is just such a nice combination! :)

Hope that you are having a good week so far! It's been a bit crazy here! :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

You look incredible in that dress, Lorena!!
And you know you're a fashion blogger when you appreciate the doors for a backdrop..ha ha!!

Lydia said...

I love that the ombre effect in the dress is mimicked by the earrings, and that is a beautiful door. What has happened to the neighborhood since?

Porcelina said...

That's a beautiful dress! Love the door too, I love looking at doorways in whatever city I'm in. X