Actions vs Intention

Brown cardigan Versace Jeans, similar  - Brown bow top Merona, similar but expensive - Trousers Insight 
 Nude patent heels Flexi, similar here - Grey bag Ferragamo
The other day I was reading that we see everything through the lens of what we were trying to do and not through the lens of what we actually did
Of course this sounds much like a way the brain protects itself if things don’t work out. The idea is that we remain constant as these should be the same. Because at the end actions are what count and not our intentions. 
For example, once I offered a friend a designer piece, however she took it was if I was offering her something she could not afford. Honestly, it was not the case.
Have you had a situation where your actions did not accomplish your intention ?

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You look so classy. Love the bag!