It's the little things

If there is something I plead guilty to is believing that there is always room for improvement, in every aspect of life. For example, how we look. One thing we can agree on is we would like to look better, maybe more polished ? Well, I will speak for myself: yes, I would. However sometimes we don't even know where to start. I say begin with the little things. Things so little sometimes we really ride them off, for example earrings. I do not know about you, but I hardly give earrings a second thought. Now, when you see a person, sit next to them or just say hello in a brief super market encounter, you usually look at their face. Earrings are usually in the picture. As part of my monthly closet edits I went through all of my costume earrings, tried them on and then took out two of them: a pair I wear very often and one I have not worn in years.

The silver clip on earrings have not been worn in ages, thought I'd throw them back in rotation so I tried them on. Stop, a blue stone is missing. So I think "nobody will notice". Wrong, if you can see the flaw, even though it's a small one it will not add to your look, but detract from it. Don't tell me you'll wear it with your hair down. Either replace that blue stone flawlessly or out they go. You really don't want to spend your evening covering your ear.  It's the little things. 
Another example is this pair of gold toned earrings, look at the picture on the left. Can you see the slit from where the earring hangs ? Now look at the picture on the right, the slit cannot be seen, the earring is positioned on the middle of the lobe and looks more polished. If the earring does not stay in place, reconsider them. The same for tarnished ones or worst, those that turn your skin green. You will not look focused if you are touching your ears all day setting the earrings back in place.  

Small adjustments can make a difference. Start small, check your earrings, try them on, how do they feel ? Will those clip ons be removed in the middle of dinner because they're too tight ? Adjust them, check out this tutorial here to loosen them, you won't look polished with red earlobes and dainty vintage Chanel earrings placed on the table next to your glass of red wine. 
A pair of earrings you are comfortable with, that fit well and look good can make huge difference. Even if its just one pair you own. Remember, it's the little things.
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jodie filogomo said...

You're absolutely right Lorena.
There are many times I'll think, "oh, no one will notice", but if they do then I don't look my best---and all that time to appear at my best has gone to waste!!

laura said...


Sheila said...

I'm a major details person (you probably noticed this, ha ha!), and I spotted that missing stone in the earring immediately! I hate when the little details aren't just so. My thing (now that I'm wearing it) is making sure my manicure is still looking nice. I do touch-ups of the tips - I hate the look of chipped nails.

A good reminder that part of our self-care is making sure that the details are right.

Jane Droll said...

This is so true! I try to look put together at all times for work and when I'm in public. But invariably I fall short in one area -- my hair isn't looking great, my shoes are a little scruffy, or a random cat hair is on my sweater. If I spent FIVE MINUTES more on my hair every day, it would help. It certainly wouldn't hurt!

Mimi said...

Such a good point on both! I used to wear earrings all the time, but now i keep on the same small pair and only change them out with a few other small paris every month or so...but i WANT to be the person who has time to consider statement earrings every day...or at least when i go out!

I love everything about this post!
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bagsandheels said...

Muy bonitos todos

Ellie Boyce said...

Interesting post - I think it depends. I wouldn't necessarily get rid of a pair of earrings, especially if they were expensive or sentimental, or if someone had gifted them to me. Looking good is important but not cause to get rid of perfectly lovely things for small flaws. Still, I hadn't considered this before - great post!

Mica T said...

I think not just earrings, I need to think like this for more items in my wardrobe. If something is a little annoying but I figure it won't bug me it usually does after a few more wears. Realising I should only keep things if they are perfect has helped reduce my "not perfect but will do for now" purchases!

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LyddieGal said...

Oh I hate it when I have a pair of earrings that turns out to be too heavy so I have to take them off, or a pair with cheap metal that will give me a headache, yet do I get rid of them? Nope, and then I suffer.