Boxy top

Blue trousers Jones New York - Checkered top En Creme - Black patent flats Zara - White sleeveless shirt Intrigue 
Sometimes I will buy a garment without trying it on. This top must have been such a case. It was purchased in August 2015, worn just three times. 
If trying it on counted, it would have at least ten wears, I have made so many attempts to wear it that I have lost count.. 
Today I made another try, this time layering it and I am not convinced it worked.
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Sheila said...

I like it, but I don't love it - it looks good layered over this blouse, though. If you aren't feeling the LOVE, then pass it along!

Magdalena Ścierska Minimalissmo said...

I have to admit it is interesting combination. Unusual, but nice. It is no easy to cut silhouette on 3 parts (horizontally), but You did it quite good I see. I noticed You mastered to combine different pattern and plain together, everything fit great.

Kim Alston said...

I do the same thing Lorena. I keep pairing. But if something doesn't look or feel right, I get rid of it. When you have to struggle with something, that's never good.