Life Saver

Jeans Red Valentino - Flower print button down shirt Liz Lange - Pink Pashmina 

Burgundy flats French Soles - Black quilted bucket bag Love Moschino

I was just packing for a business trip to Bogota, Colombia. As usual, I checked the weather in order to pack according to it. Borrowed a small umbrella from the hubs as there was a rain forecast, included warm pjs, and set aside a warm cover up that would match all of my outfits. Then, I forgot about the last one and it did not make it into my carry on. So I left without my black lightweight trench. The only extra garment to provide some type of warmth was this pink pashmina I threw on to keep me warm on the plane. This pashmina was a gift from a friend, she picked it up in NYC years ago and at the end it became my life saver as it actually doubled for my missing trench... 
What was the last item you were to pack for a trip but forgot about ?

Fall wear

Pink sweater Charter Club - Black velvet trousers Express - Black heels Christian Siriano for Payless 

Red canvas tote bag Tommy Hilfiger - Black velvet sunglasses

Weekend episode

Trousers H&M - Orange belt - White tee shirt Talbots- Flats Bimba & Lola

Vintage scarf Moschino, similar here - Brown tote bag Elvis Presley, similar here - Gucci sunglasses

Luscious green

Trousers H&M - Green blouse LuckyCom  
Flat burgundy bow flats Isola - Elvis Presley Tote bag - Gucci sunglasses

You can choose, either focus on the broken sidewalk below you or on the luscious green trees above you...

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Black trousers Zara - Snake print blouse New York & Co. - Nude heels Flexi - Black bucket quilted bag Love Moschino -
Black Celine belt vintage

Composure... or more like struggling to regain it. 

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Red canvas

Printed trousers Zara, similar in blue - Off white sweater Tommy Hilfiger, similar - Light blue bow flats Gio Zanotti, similar

Red canvas tote bag Tommy Hilfiger, similar 

While every other blog is focused on fashion week in some place in the world, I am closet focused. Sure I enjoy looking at the fabulous design, colours and shapes destined for upcoming seasons and most of all the the street wear around cities...  
However incorporating more pieces into my closet really makes no sense. I keep finding unworn items, wether it's belts or like today's red canvas tote bag which had not been worn in since at least 2009. I had originally considered letting go, but I think it might just hold on to it as I don't recall having a red bag and a tote always comes in handy.  

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New, old & ready to go

White pencil skirt Nine West, similar  - Blue striped tee shirt Talbots, another great option from them with ruffles here

Red canvas tote bag Tommy Hilfiger, similar - Suede mustard shoes Zara, very similar and a slingback version here 

For many posts in a row you've seen me wear mostly items that are off to the consignment shop. Today I put together a look with a mix of items that are all in different stages in the closet. This outfit has an old item: the white skirt, new items: which are the mustard suede shoes and the blue striped tee. These two are so "new" its actually their first wear. That leaves the red canvas tote from Tommy Hilfiger, which is currently under evaluation, as am not sure if I am going to keep, but will be worn the following days, for further consideration. What stage are most of your clothes in ? Is your closet full of new, old or ready to go ? 

Velvet George

Grey trousers Cato - Silk cream tank top with sequins Emmanuel Ungaro vintage - Turquoise velvet blazer George 
Black quilted bucket bag Love Moschino - Black flats Me Too 
Sequinned silk top vintage Emmanuel Ungaro - Turquoise velvet blazer George, similar color here 

The other day I was reading Lydia's blog and she asked if you'd buy multiples of something, in my case the answer is yes. 
Today's velvet blazer is one of these examples. When I saw this beauty years ago in purple and turquoise I had to have them both. When would I ever come across a velvet blazer like this ? The purple was a size 8 and the turquoise a size 4. Since the size 8 fit better it got more wear than this turquoise one. In fact this one was last worn in 2012, below is link - and as you can imagine, today I am wearing it for one last time. I hope this blazer finds a marvellous home as its off to the consignment shop. 

Previous wears in 13.01.2010 with jeans and a vintage blouse and then 25.01.2012 with a silk orange blouse. 

Worst Weddings Ever...

Wedding in 2015
I've had the pleasure of attending over two dozen beautiful weddings without any mishaps. Sure there are small things like the bride who's zipper broke, the dress had to be sewn on. There is also the seamstress who delivered the bridal gown an hour before the ceremony. She also happened to arrive with the pearl buttons that were to be sewn from the neck all the way down the back, in a bag, so she could sew them on as the bride tried on the dress. Both of these happened to brides who's ceremonies I attended. 

Original post here

However, the other day I was remembering two specific stories that really did end up in tragedies. One of them was in my family, the other of a friend. 
In the first story, the wedding went well throughout the ceremony at the church. After the religious rites, it was to be followed by a party at the groom's home. To make sure everything would be ready, the father of the groom left early so he could welcome the guests at the house. He was so excited, happy and moved that as he got home the suffered a heart attack and when the bride and groom arrived, he had passed away. The wedding turned into a funeral, it was uncontrollable to a point that wedding gifts were stolen by fleeing guests.

Full post here
The second story, was of a wedding being held across the country, where everyone either drove for six hours to get there or hopped on a plane. Most drove, one of the couples driving, the aunt and uncle of the groom had a terrible car accident the day of the wedding and died on the spot leaving their children orphans. The wedding party was cancelled and a small ceremony was held instead. 

What is the worst wedding story you've ever  heard ? 

Oh and the pictures here have nothing to do with the before mentioned weddings. These are all from weddings attended in 2015 . I had to illustrate the post, what' a post without a picture ? 

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Playground overalls

Blue jean overall Mango MNG - Striped shirt Dudu - Light blue bow flats Gio Zanotti - Brown tote bag Madison Coach

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DKNY boyfriend jeans

DKNY Jeans - Black tee shirt Danskin - Grey blazer Suzie Shier - Black flats Me Too -
Black quilted bucket bag Love Moschino

When the so called "boyfriend jeans" became a trend these DKNY jeans came into the closet, it was probably at the end of 2010. Since then they've been worn at least thirty times, twenty eight of these times are below. Of all these wears, this is my favourite and this is the.worst.ever.  The estimate CPW is about 2.00 USD. 

This is their last wear as they no longer fit like boyfriend jeans and lately I feel like I am making too much of an effort to wear them. 

23.01.2011 worn with a green tee shirt  21.02.2011 orange Mexican top 28.02.2011 with cardigans 
05.03.2011 Lacoste cardigan  13.03.2011 white polo shirt 11.08.2011 nude tee shirt 14.08.2011 Hello Kitty sweater
08.03.2012 least flattering look ever 03.08.2012 sweater look 18.08.2012 with turquoise polo shirt
12.01.2013 weird long sleeve top 11.01.2013 brown jacket 01.02.2013 black sweater 02.02.2013 nude tee and black cardi 05.08.2013 striped yellow polos shirt 30.11.2013 light blue button down shirt and loafers 10.12.2013 black cropped jacket 13.12.2013 light blue button down shirt
30.01.2014 with green and purple
25.02.2015 with a florescent yellow top 18.09.2015 white eyelet blouse 22.10.2015 white blazer look 
03.01.2016 Polo long sleeve shirt 
21.02.2017 white blouse 26.02.2017 worn with a cream sweater  07.03.2017 blue boatneck tee shirt
04.05.2017 white button down shirt

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It's purple

Purple cowl neck top Isaac Mizrahi for Target, almost identical - Printed trousers Zara - Grey flats Dr. Scholl's here 

Black quilted bucket bag Love Moschino, almost identical - Purple sunglasses for the Dollar Store, similar 

You know that item you have in your closet that has a great cut, fabulous fabric and superb color that you always forget you have and therefore never wear ? That's how I'd describe this purple cowl neck top. Every.single.time, I wear it I tell myself I have to wear it more and then I don't. Worn 8 times in seven years...

It's pre blog and was first worn here 07.09.2010 and 29.09.2010 both in a burgundy, grey and black look. Two years later it was worn on 17.01.2012 in an all white look and 06.02.2012 a very bright colour block look. 

My favourite outfit with it is in rust 17.11.2014, then it seems I forgot about it yet again for two more years...

It reappeared with a green and beige combo on 02.07.2016 followed by 06.07.2016 with a printed skirt and yellow heels.

Last wear is today. It must not be that great if I have to be reminded it exists.

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Oh, Sheer

Black velvet trousers Express, similar - Cream blouse Studio M , prettier one - Black heels Christian Siriano for Payless 

Black quilted bucket bag Love Moschino, almost identical  - Round gold drop earrings, very similar 

This cream sheer blouse is pre blog, its lightweight, has beautiful tiny pearl details on the sleeve and the hand of the fabric is so luxe. I think the fact that its so sheer that it needs to be worn with a tank underneath made it difficult for me to wear comfortably. These days it gets very little wear as its a bit snug but you know I like giving garments one last wear before they go. 

If you want to see this item's trajectory in my closet, it was first worn in 17.08.2009 when I layered it with a tube top and this is my personal favourite wear.  Later in 23.08.2010 with a pencil skirt and vest, in 12.10.2012 worn with black trousers and finally in 10.05.2015 worn with a vintage collar, and now that I look at it this could also be a favourite. 

It's just September 5th and with today's sheer blouse and gold tone ball earrings, I already have 8 closet edits. I am hoping to have at least 30 edits for this month... let's see how it goes.  

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Bootie season

Black dress Richard Chai for Target, similar - Burgundy boots Nine West similar
Swiss Dot or Plumetti white bow shirt Divided by H&M, similar  
Black quilted bucket bag Love Moschino, almost identical 
As every other blogger I follow gets ready to sport their booties for fall, I am wearing mine for one last time. These burgundy Nine West booties are very likely pre blog and including today, been worn just eight times. I have never been fully in love with them, you know what I mean ? 

Follow the journey of the booties in my closet through the posts below... 

Booties worn with a black pencil skirt 18.08.2009  and with jeans 21.08.2009Here in 10.01.2010 again with Levis jeans, probably my fave wear is the black dress with fuchsia tights 01.03.2010. Again with bell bottom jeans in 08.04.2010,  an all black look 02.06.2014 and with black velvet pants 02.08.2017

Oh, and the blouse has a story too it was a purchase from Los Angeles, worn just three times in the last 8 years, here is the 2010 wear  and my fave look in 2014 but you know, I never got control of that bow !

Two edits in one post. 

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The Lighthouse

Blue striped shirtdress Yoko Girl via Zaful - Flats Bimbo & Lola - Brown tote bag Madison Coach 

Lighthouse ceramic pin, similar 
The blue striped dress from Zaful gets another wear (read my full dress review here). Today I added a fun and unworn accessory the ceramic lighthouse pin I purchased a while ago. Lighthouses have always seemed interesting places to visit and as far as I can recall, I have not been to one. They are a symbol of guidance, which reminds me of a quote I read somewhere "Don't forget that maybe you are the lighthouse in someone's storm"... so just keep on shining ;) 

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Houndstooth print vest edited

White shorts Larry Levine - Black tank top - Houndstooth print vest Classiques Entier - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender
Black bucket bag Love Moschino, almost identical here

Of all previous looks of the Classiques Entier vest, this is my favourite one by far. The oddest thing is that its extremely warm outside and this vest is quite heavy as in fall/winter heavy. So even though it looks and feels good to wear, its just not practical. So yes, even though its only been in the closet since December 2015 and its been worn just five times at 4.28 USD CPW, its better for it to go sooner that later. What was the last thing you edited from your closet ?

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