Shopping style

Black jeans NYDJ  here and here 
Forever 21 Flower print top (similar here)
Rebecca Minkoff Jules satchel here

If I had to describe my shopping style, I would describe myself as a hunter. I like to took around, do research, try things on, compare, go back and if its gone, track it down.  A desired find is a thrill. Most likely I will not stop until I find what I want, it can take years and I am ok with that. What happens afterwards is something I am still trying to understand, I don't wear it right away. I mean you'd think I'd be eager to display what I had been hunting for, but not, its more of a personal satisfaction. I see myself do it over and over... right now I have a belt on my shooting target however I am wondering if after investing in it I will really wear it... What's you shopping style ? 

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Magdalena Ścierska Minimalissmo said...

Thats nice. Colors + white + dark give very good effect. And white top is good for face, it cause the face is "enlightened". Red lipstick is important detail here. NICE.

Mica T said...

Now I blame baby brain for this (it continues after pregnancy I swear!) because I know the feeling you're describing and there is an "official" name for it! I read an article on it, a friend shared it with me as it summed up our joint handbag hunting hobby nicely. If I can ever track the article down again I'll send it to you!

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