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Black pull up jeans Levis - Black tank top Da Moda - Grey long vest Valette - Black patent shoes Zara - See by Chloe Harriet tote bag - Prada Baroque black sunglasses
Long before they were a trending item I have loved tassels. Maybe its the vintage vibe or they fact that they remind me of the huge tassel pull that hung from a cylinder lamp in my grandmother's living room. So a few years ago when I walked the markets of Marrakesh, it was a no brainer if I wanted to buy silk thread tassels or not, the actual question was how many and what colours.. while I cannot remember the amount I can refer to is as a "bagful". I had a ton of ideas on how I was going to use them, none of which I can remember now. The only thing I did with them was this tassel necklace which only used up three of them...the bag is still full ! 

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Tassel necklaces:


LyddieGal said...

Ahh yes, my parents house is full of my unfulfilled projects. But at least you did make the one necklace, and it's quite pretty.

Bangs Bang said...

I love the loook!
Dora www.BangsBang.com

Mica T said...

I guess you are prepared if the DIY urge strikes you again! This necklace is so pretty too, perfect with your outfit! Maybe you could make more and sell them on etsy? :)

Hope you are having an awesome week! :)

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Adele Miner said...

So stunning, great look! Your posts are always so amazing, don't stop doing what you do pretty lady! x


Laura Bambrick said...

LOVE that necklace! I can't believe you made it. It's gorgeous!

Sibaritismos de Inma said...

estas muy guapa, me gusta tu chaleco