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For years now I've been posting what I wear every day, this regardless of me loving the outfit or not. However there are some items that I literally wear almost every single day and that I love, but you do not get to see because I do not feature them or they appear too small in the pictures. This is one of them: my white gold flat top earrings.
I bought these about fifteen years ago at a Gucci store during a trip to NYC.  I recall walking into the store and the sales rep not being very nice. Maybe she thought I would not buy anything, however the moment I laid my eyes on these I was sold and made a quick purchase - which is very, very unusual for me, as I take forever.
I tried googling them for a better image, but could not find them, so these are actually my very own to the very last scratch.
Along with my usual sunglasses, wether protecting my eyes or sitting on my head, these are also my style signifiers. What's yours ?

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LEN K said...

So cool! Want one pair!

Closet Fashionista said...

Yep, I rarely show my rings in my outfit posts but I wear them every single day. It's really the tiny things that get the most wear and the least blog love, haha

Kim Alston said...

I hate snobby sales people. They form an opinion so quickly. Great purchase. They'll never go out of style. You've worn them well. That's quality.

Mica T said...

These are beautiful Lorena and go with everything! :)

I have a pair of diamond studs that I wear every day and that never show in blog pics as they aren't the biggest diamonds, haha! THey are special to me though as I bought them while on a shopping trip with one of my friends who was visiting from China, and while I was just a couple days pregnant and didn't know! They are almost never out of my ears.

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backinstyle said...

I love these! They are the perfect not-so-basic that are familiar and you love to put on day after day!

LyddieGal said...

I love it when a purchase just feels right and then you go on and prove that it was a good buy when you wear it everyday.
You must have really loved them to not be discouraged by the sales lady.