Forgotten shoes

Off white sweater Tommy Hilfiger - Sequences scarf Hermès - Beige rousers H&M -
Black patent Trophy bow flats Kate Spade - Black Jules satchel Rebecca Minkoff  
What you don't see, you don't wear... like these black patent bow shoes, that have been in the closet since 2014. Maybe it's because they are still in the box or because I have 5 other pairs of black flats to chose from. Are there any items you've forgotten about because they're out of sight ?  
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Similar black flats:


Oh to Be a Muse said...

I really love your scarf game! And I had a very similar pair of black flats like yours, but I didn't wear them much, so I gave them to my mom since we wear the same size.

Óscar Palomares said...

¡Hola, Lorena! Me encanta el estilismo y me quedo con tu precioso pañuelo... A mí me pasó una cosa similar a lo que te ha sucedido con las bailarinas, aunque en mi caso fue con un par de vaqueros pitillo que tuve como 4 o 5 meses sin estrenar porque no me acordaba de haberlos comprado! jajaja

Un saludo,
Le Style et Moi

Mica T said...

Love that scarf against the white top! :)

I'm terrible with shoes as well...I have boxes of them and yet I'm wearing the same few pairs over and over that are on the shoe rack next to the door...I definitely forget about them if they aren't out where I can see them.

Away From The Blue Blog

Kim Alston said...

Lorena, those ballet flats are so cute! How could you forget those cuties. I have a similar pair. I do that with clothes. Like ohhhhh! I need to wear that. LOL You look great.

E said...

What a beautiful scarf!

District of Chic

LyddieGal said...

Out of sight out of mind is so, so, so true. It's always a bit of a revelation when I go to unpack all my winter boots I happen upon a box of sandals I never took out and thus did not wear all summer, yet I didn't miss them.

But those are cute flats - you should keep them out!