New in August

August was under control, until I took 
a trip to a family wedding in Peru.
A silver cuff with balls, 42.00 USD. 
The earrings were a gift from my aunt.
Hand embroidered belt for 10.00 USD, hand made 
embroidered clutch 11.00 USD and 2.00 USD for a dark 
blue and white bead string that can be worn various ways.

Two Life is Good t shirts: blue and grey for 7.00 USD each.
Two Theory t shirts (super sale): black & white for 7.00 USD each.

Shoe make over: Vera Wang Lavender flats
I adore so much, had them resoled for 20.00 USD
Dress perfection: Red Valentino orange dress was 
tailored to fit as if it had been made for me: 20.00 USD

An August total of 133.00 USD


Mica T said...

Those graphic tees are so fun! I really really like that silver bracelet though, what a nice piece! Definitely my favourite of everything you bought this month :)

I should think about adding the costs of alterations into my budget wrap-ups for the month - sadly, since my lovely local lady shut up shop and I've had to go to a big chain store the prices are so high, often more than what I paid for the pieces in the first place! It would definitely add a big cost to my budget, ha! I'm just avoiding the cost now by buying less ;)

Away From The Blue Blog

LyddieGal said...

Overall, not terrible, and putting money into having a favorite pair of shoes get a second life and a dress fit you as if it were bespoke, totally worth while expenses.
Chic on the Cheap

Jessica Cangiano said...

Oohh, what chic, lovely additions. The hand embroidered belt practically took my breath away.

xoxo ♥ Jessica