Pulled together

When all seems to fall, 
one of the first things you
have to do is pull yourself together.
Printed skirt Jones New York 
Orange and blue top Marineblu
Black patent shoes Zara - Black bucket bag Love Moschino
Turquoise, orange and red earrings
It all begins with what you wear.
How you it makes you feel...
Don't you think ? 


Sheila said...

Yes, very much. Sometimes you just can't control what life throws at you (and we certainly can't control other people!), so we deal with what we can. "Clothes as armour" can really make a difference. I love this outfit, by the way - the top and skirt are perfect together.

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I agree with that first sentence so much - something we need to remember each day as women. Love this color combination. The blouse and skirt match so well. That is such a pretty paisley pencil skirt, too.

Chronically Vintage said...

Immensely so! I hope that everything is okay in your life right now, dear Lorena. Please know that I'm always here if you ever need someone to talk to about anything.

Love the colours in this vibrant, cheerful outfit.

xoxo ♥ Jessica