The shoes

Shoes is always a topic that I can talk about.
Printed trousers and top H&M
I am always aspiring to downsize in this department.
Two weeks ago tried on two pairs of shoes. 
One of them was pair of black flat sandals, the
other Jaslyn: a black heel shoe by Anne Klein.
Black flats Michael Kors  - Black bag Tous
They both fit perfectly, but I chose not to buy them.
I said to myself that I would go only back 
if I needed them.
I have been thinking about them, 
but have not needed them.
I do not own a black flat pair of sandals and 
do own several black heels, so it's just been 
an exercise on self control. 

What are you good at when it comes 
to self control ?  


Dressed With Soul said...

In the context of food, sports, alcohol and so on I'm very good with self control. But I'm not that good in going to bed ... I'm impressed about your self control and like you in your look! I wore a few years ago nearly the same look on my blog :)
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena said...

I am delighted this year that I am actually only purchasing items I really need and will wear! Lovely outfit Lorena:)

Mica said...

You did well not going back for the shoes! I would have, only because I have little to no self control with accessories! I'm much better with clothing, but accessories are too easy for me to "justify" buying.

Away From The Blue Blog

Oksana Zolotukhina said...

Stunning outfit, love every single item! You look so classy)

Chronically Vintage said...

What an eye-catching, deeply cool outfit. That colour palette is gorgeous!

xoxo ♥ Jessica