Most hated

Household chores: not a fan.
Green dress Spence Petite - Brown wedges Kenneth Cole Reaction - Brown sunglasses Michael Kors 
My most hated chore has got to be doing dishes.
Closely followed by mopping. 
What's your most hated household chore ?


Closet Fashionista said...

Love that dress, such a great color! And yea, after the initial shock of the jeans being the wrong color I fell in love with them :)
Luckily I don't have to worry about doing the dishes since we have a dishwasher. But I do hate cleaning the bathroom! I live with male cousins and they are GROSS!

TheNotSoGirlyGirl said...

so pretty!
i have laundry and folding cloths! i JUST hate it! eheh
have a nice day!

Mica said...

Ironing is my least favourite! I like to dry my clothes hanging up in the sun outside so that I don't have to worry about ironing my clothes too much. IT's partly why I like dresses so much, they rarely need ironed if you hang them to dry ;)

Away From The Blue Blog

Bite My Fashion said...

Great outfit, I would say my most hated chore is starting chores but once I am in it I can power through it all.

xx Falasha
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Claire said...

That dress is such a cute style, love it on you!

God bless,

XO, Claire


confashiontime said...

Lol! I totally agree about doing the dishes and mopping! Gosh, hate it so much lol! Beautiful dress my dear! Have an awesome day!

Unknown said...

I love cooking but definitely not a fan of washing dishes! Love the effortless style of your dress!


Shea Lennon said...

What a cute dress! I love the color and casual style. I'd say my most hated chore is cleaning bathrooms...NO FUN.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I hate ironing! LOL Lorena you are so funny. Love your outfit.

Jessica said...

Beautiful and elegant look! =)



Unknown said...

such a wonderful look my dear <3

suenefernandes said...

Look beautiful as always! I loved that green dress! *.*
Thanks for the quick visit, beautiful !!
See you. Kisses; *

Chronically Vintage said...

Okay, I know this makes me a bit strange in some peoples' eyes, but I really like cleaning and especially love organizing. I find both to be very relaxing + a great way to de-stress, so I'll often leave a few small household jobs undone on purpose, just so that I can turn to them, as needed, for stress and anxiety relief. That said, I've never been super wild about doing ironing (though I love the beautiful end results) or tall window washing (too short! :D).

Big hugs,
♥ Jessica