Guilt of the hunted

Several years ago I saw a pair of shoes I
wanted and hunted them down. 
Some hunting was done on line but my
shoe size was not available so I began
the physical hunt. Going one store after
the other.
It was this pair of black patent shoes from Nine West, called
 Zampa. These appealed to me because of the Mary Jane 
style and the cool dark red heel.
Black pencil skirt Red Valentino - White top Polo Ralph Lauren 
I don't recall if I found them in NYC or in DC (because yes,
the hunt also went on in several states) but I finally
made it happen. 
Black bag Tous - Black patent heels Nine West
I came home with them and thought I would wear
the heel out of them. This was sometime in 2009.
Looking through the blog they've been worn about 5 times
in 7 years. Not what I originally had in mind.
The worst part and most upsetting for me is that
today, after a good clean, as I put them on, I realised that
the inside of the shoe was crumbling. The thin layer that
covers the inside of the shoe began falling apart. 
Years ago I also realised that shoes that tie at the ankle
such as these, or slightly below, cut my already 
small height, making them unflattering. 
Pearl bracelet from Bolivia - Rings Parfois
SO yeah. Im upset at not getting the wear I originally
expected. However I am also glad to see these go, because
somehow looking at them every day as I get dressed, 
made me feel guilty. 
Guilty of hunting and not eating. 
Not eating and letting them spoil.


Unknown said...

Los zapatos son preciosos y desprendes una elegancia increíble! Un beso grande!

Marcia B. said...

love those shoes, well worth it

Mica said...

They are nice shoes, and at least you got some wear out of them, even if not as much as you had anticipated.

I'm guilty of 'saving' pieces in my wardrobe too, and rarely wearing them. Doesn't make much sense but I continue to do can be seen at the change of every season where I suddenly realise I need to hurry up and wear pieces before I pack them away for another year, haha! Maybe one day I'll break the habit.

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Sheila said...

You have to wear them! No saving things! It's sad that you have to learn it the hard way with these fabulous shoes, though. By the way, this ankle strap style is wonderful on you! The vamp of the shoe is low enough that you have a substantial amount of skin showing below the strap, so it elongates the leg line. If you like this style, wear this style!

Gerrilyn said...

I keep and wear my shoes a long time, and I have noticed that they start to deteriorate sooner then I expect them to. Since I have so many shoes, I don't wear any of them too often, so I am not wearing them out, they just get old and start to decompose! I've had platforms that have crumbled on the inside, linings on the inside of the shoes that have gotten sticky and peeling, and heels that dry up and crack and break off, etc. All this from mostly sitting. I think they just keep making everything cheaper and cheaper and shoes just don't last like they used to.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

When a woman wants something, there is no end. LOL They look so good, sorry to hear them go Lorena.

Natalie S said...

Me encantan estos zapatos! Me incentivaste a ver que zapatos no he usado y sacarlos antes de que empiecen a dañarse.

minimalissmo blog modowy said...

Bingo! Thats it! Classic B-W look but nice to look at! MY FAVOURITE! Skirt may be little shorter, but this is nice too.

LyddieGal said...

I have sadly done such things as well. Gone to great, even extreme lengths to acquire a piece, only to wear it a handful of times. Very unfortunate that even in their inactivity they got ruined.
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Witchcrafted Life said...

Very relatable post, I'm sure, for many of us fashionistas. I find the same to be true for me and ankle strap shoes often, too, however, I seem to be able to pull of t-strap styles much more successfully. I think the "bar" in the middle of the tee helps to introduce a more elongating line back into the picture.

Many hugs,
♥ Jessica

minimalissmo blog modowy said...
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