Another one

Just another one of those long, lost forgotten
that are hanging in the closet.

Printed dress Moi et Toi - Yellow heels Tsubo - Black bag Tous
This printed dress from at least 8 years ago, 
it has been worn about twice in the last 7.
In my head this dress fit like a dream. 
In real life, not so.
Then again maybe it did fit like a 
dream before, in a previous weight.


Shauna said...

I have so many forgotten pieces too! Glad you found this dress. What a gem!


Mica said...

It looks beautiful on you in the pictures, what a great print!

Shame it hasn't been worn much, but if the fit isn't great you probably will go a long time before wearing it again/ Maybe best to let it go?

Away From The Blue Blog

Oh to Be a Muse said...

You're too funny! I recently did a closet clean up (since Mercury is in Retrograde) and I'm bringing a lot of my good condition clothes and shoes to my nieces and mom. My nieces are about the same size as me and my mom wears the same shoe size. It's good motivation to get rid of stuff in your closet that you don't use.

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

In the pictures, the dress seems to fit fine...what do you not like about it? I think the orange shoes with it is a great spring addition!!

Sheila said...

Hey, there's our shoes! I think this dress is really pretty, but maybe that puffed sleeve is a little dated again? If you don't love it, pass it along!

suenefernandes said...

Wow!! Que vestido maravilhoso! *.* Amei
Obrigada pela visita, linda!
Bom final de semana!! Até mais. Beijos ;*

minimalissmo blog modowy said...

Wow, really great B-W dress! Shoes also nice. Fit fine. VERY GOOD look!

Witchcrafted Life said...

Gorgeous! What a chic, becoming, seriously lovely dress. This is one of my favourite garments you've shared with us so far, dear Lorena (natch, I'm sure, to all those who know my passion for frocks :)).

♥ Jessica