A handbag

After years of neglect, lately I have been 
wearing my black Tous bag.

Purchased at least 9 years ago, this bag is special for 
me because it was my first expensive bag. 
Well, expensive for me
(Here I told you about my most expensive dress). 
Its black soft leather, has Tous tulips, hearts
and flowers embossed as well as the signature bear.

We were in Barcelona for vacation and I thought
I'd gift myself a handbag from this Spanish brand.
I recall being torn between two hand bags, but the
other was smaller and I figured I would wear more
the bigger, less formal bag. 
The handbag got some wear back in the day and lately its
back in rotation, but I need to wear it at least 700 times so
I can get a good CpW.


Witchcrafted Life said...

What a fabulously fun bag! I'm wild about its marriage of sweetness + chicness.

Many hugs,
♥ Jessica

Mica said...

It is a great bag! :)

I try not to calculate my cost per wear on handbags....I do however either sell them and make most of my money back when I'm done using them, or decide to keep them and keep them for years. The priciest bags in my wardrobe I've had for 6+ years so I'm slowly chipping down at the cost per wear ;)

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