The LBD Myth

"Every woman should own a little black dress.."
If I had a penny for every time I've heard or read that.

Black dress AA Studio - Black flats Michael Kors 

With that thought in mind many of us jump at the sight of the 
first LBD we see, buy it and check it off our list. 
We now own a little black dress that "can be dressed up or down". 
It's too good to be true. After many misses and a few hits, I can 
say that a great fitting, self confidence, morale booster LBD is difficult to find. 
Take the one I am wearing today. 
Black bag Tous - Bubble pins Stradivarius
Yes, its little, yes its black and yes its a dress. 
However this does not mean its fabulous, in fact its pretty crappy. 
The fabric is so very thin that you can see through it, 
its sooo clingy, it can get embarrassing. The cut is unflattering. On the 
positive side it can be hand or machine washed and air dried. It does not 

need ironing and can be folded to the size of a burrito.  

So, yeah that's it: as practical as they may appear 
be not all LBDs work, you have to find the one that 
fits your needs and makes you look and feel your best.


LyddieGal said...

So true. And as a result we often end up with closets packed with a dozen or so of those 'fabulous, versatile, little black dresses'.

Sheila said...

I totally agree! I have had several "perfect" little black dresses over the years, and it's all a myth. Get the right dress that works for you - it doesn't matter what colour it is!

Mica said...

IT's a shame you don't enjoy wearing it! I agree though the perfect LBD isn't easy to find, like any 'perfect' piece of clothing!

Away From The Blue Blog

drollgirl said...

This made me laugh. I have several black dresses. They get the job done, but none of them are great! But I can't afford to get rid of them, as I wear them often to work and pair them with sweaters and jackets and jewelry and try to make them appear better than they are. Maybe someday I will have more than a few GREAT LBDs. Until then, oh well! :)

Witchcrafted Life said...

Hear, hear! For all the dresses that I have in my closet, I don't have a solid black hued one that I 100% love. In fact, if I found such, I'd probably ditch the others at long last.

♥ Jessica