The Striped Suit

During a trip to the US in March 2014 I visited 
JC Penney minutes before heading to the airport.
You know, one of those last minute purchases.
Black sweater - Striped skirt Worthington - Black patent heels Vince Camuto
There I came across this striped skirt and matching jacket.
I was too lazy to go to the fitting room and bought the 
two garments without trying them on. I chose to buy a skirt 
that was a bit larger than I would normally wear 
considering that if it was too big it would be easily tailored. 
When I tried my new striped suit back home, 
the skirt was too big and the jacket too tight. 
So I took the skirt to the tailor and ordered a bigger jacket on line.
I'd try to sell the smaller jacket and that would solve the issue.
Wrong. My tailor misplaced the skirt. 
After about 10 months I began to search for another 
skirt on line and was lucky to find one via e-bay,
the skirt would still need tailoring.
When I finally received the skirt, I took it to her so she 
can fix it. The day I picked up the skirt she tells me 
she found the original one, so I now have two skirts.
Luckily for me a friend bought the second suit from me and
it fit her like a glove.

Have you had a similar experience with your seamstress or tailor ?


Mica said...

That striped suit is awesome on you!

And I can't believe the hassle you went through to get all the pieces in the right size! I'm lucky that my tailor has never misplaced anything I gave her - I suspect you were quite upset when it happened, I would be!

Away From The Blue Blog

Claire Justine said...

The strips look great, you have set me off now wanting a skirt like yours! Great look :)

Ester Mouse said...

I love your look.
Un besito desde ♥

Witchcrafted Life said...

This look is the epitome of modern day elegant and chic-ness in fashion, dear Lorena. Seriously wow!

♥ Jessica

Elle Sees said...

whew! what a story! glad it worked out, because you look great!!

LyddieGal said...

Oh what a trilogy of errors! I like your determination to not give up on having the striped suit. the skirt does fit you perfectly now!
Chic on the Cheap