Last worn: 2010

I could not believe it. 
This short sleeve suit slipped my radar... for 6 years.
Pant and jacket suit Nathalie B. - Nude patent heels Sam Edelman - Pink scalloped shirt Forever 21 
I recently went through very few of suits I own and came across 
this short sleeved one which was last worn in 2010. 
Yes, 6 years ago. 
Brown tote bag Coach - Brown sunglasses Tommy Hilfiger 
There are several reasons it is not worn:
I don't wear suits that much,
trousers are low at the waist, the fabric stretches and 
its a bit tight for my taste and comfort.
However I thought I'd give it one more wear before 
letting go, or maybe two... We'll see.  
Here is how it was worn before.


P.S. I think today's look is way better than the two above,
but not good enough to stay..


Mica said...

I love the grey and pink together! But if you don't feel 100% awesome in it, and you got through 6 years without wearing it, I'd say you could definitely get rid of it! :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

six years! oh my! but it looks wonderful on you. But if it's not comfy there is no reason not to let go

Inside and Outside Blog

Black Dress Inspiration said...

Me encanta este look, estás genial con él

Sheila said...

Agreed - this look IS better than when you wore it before, but wow! 6 years is a long time. The short sleeve is a wee bit dated too, so off it goes! I admire your ruthlessness, Lorena!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Sometimes you have to give outfits time to see if they work out or not.

LyddieGal said...

Six years! That's quite a long time to hold on to something you aren't wearing. I think I purged all my short sleeve blazers a few years ago, and once upon a time I was head over heels for them, at one point in time I had at least 5.

Witchcrafted Life said...

It's elegant and sophisticated, yet fun at the same time. I see what you mean about the fit though, but it's still totally wearable and looks great on you, dear Lorena.

♥ Jessica