I can

I chose to wear yet another two piece suit that has been
sitting in the back of my closet for way too long. 
Black pinstripe vest suit PuntoCom - White button down shirt Forever 21 - Burgundy heeled loafers Koaj
I realise that its not worn because of the usual: trousers are 
too low, cut is not the most flattering and its a bit tight. 
However I tried it once more only to convince myself 
that it has got to go.
I'm having second thoughts on keeping just the vest or not, 
just because I can.

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In the meantime, here is how it's been worn before.


LyddieGal said...

I do love the simplicity of the white blouse with the pin stripes and the idea of a suit with a vest rather than a blazer, however the cut of the vest simply isn't working.

Mica said...

I would say to get rid of it all - if it's not working for you or you don't feel comfortable in it, better to let it go :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Sheila said...

I'm in agreement with the other commenters: let it all go. It's a funny cut of vest.

Black Dress Inspiration said...

Nice working outfit


Witchcrafted Life said...

The vest is so cool. I feel like it could work in the boardroom or on stage, sported by a rock star. I'd personally hold onto it - great, fitted vests are not (IMO) the easiest things to come by these days.

♥ Jessica